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Old World Charm

As you walk into this place it has a very old world charm with wooden interiors and dimly lit ambience. The upstairs has a designated section for games which can be played while you’re at the place like Table Tennis and Foosball. They even have some great music which is something we personally loved.

~ Food Trail India ~

5 Star Food & Service

Barebones great experience famous for delicious food.. Specially, Weekend full of crazy people, friendly place. Yummy and tasty finger licking good food.. Good service. By Mr sunny and his team... Amazing ambience. My rating of 5 star for food and specially service..

Keep it up guys will visit you again and again.
~ Rajeev Chhetri ~

Delicious, Must Try

The food here is delicious and the quantity is pretty fair. The chilli chicken is a must try! It's so soft and juicy, you'll love it.
The ambience is nice and their music collection is beyond words to describe.
The staff here are just 5/5, very friendly

~ Aditi ~

Delicious Variety

The food and drinks are great here! Have never seen so many varieties of shots. Both veg and non-veg items were good.

~ Arunabh Choudhary ~

Famous Pub

Barebones is famous pub in bangalore ?
We went there again yesterday night with my college friends. It was very amazing for us ?

~ Dïpsãiñ ~

Chicken Wings, Crown Jewel

Out of all the items we ordered, the chicken wings were the crown jewel. Near perfect wings aside, the rest of the items, both food and drinks were pretty amazing. Would highly recommend this place

~ Sarthak Tandon ~

Best Wood Fired Pizzas

Loved the variety of beer (22 kinds). The food was amazing, specially the wood fired pizza. One of the best pizzas I ever had. Also, the shots, best thing to end the night.

~ Mayank Gupta ~

Friendliest Staff at Barebones

They have the friendliest staff ever. We ordered Fries and Classic Margherita pizza and it was really good. Nice place to hang out on a Friday night

~ JustFoodStuff ~

Awesome Food Fired Pizza

We visited this place after a lot of hassle and thank god we decided on this one. They serve wood fired pizzas and, you must definitely try one of those from here. It’s undoubtedly one of the best I’ve had till date

~ The HungryPolice ~

Great Value for Money

I just loved the place here...... the food is great... the chef comes out to ask how the food is... and the drinks are as usual... love this place... will definitely come back here and recommend this place to all my friends!!!

Cheers to all the staff of Barebones The Balcony Bar!!!!

~ Vishal Joshi ~