Making Co-working Spaces More Exciting

Work, Eat, Drink & Play

Introducing a whole new exciting way of working. The perfect ambience for creative and cool brains right in the heart of Bangalore. A funky, cool, place with Wifi, games, delicious foods and, hold your breath, even drinks! This is the perfect place to meet with customers, work peacefully and bring out the best in your employees.



₹1999/7 days

₹4999/30 days

Affordable, Flexible, Hassle-Free

A flexible office space that is affordable, flexible without any deposit or long term commitment of people or numbers. Want a space for a single day or for a month, for a single employee or for twenty? No problems, we can accomodate you without your money getting blocked.


No commitment on numbers, no blocking of capital.

Wanna book for a single day? No problems. Need to organize a meeting with clients or the extended team? No worries, we have you covered.

Want to add new members? Go right ahead, we have got plenty of space. 

You will find BAREWORKS incredibly flexible and business-friendly without blocking your cash-flow,


Your cost for office space starts at an unbelievable cost of ₹166/day!

Yes, that's true!

Book for a month at an unimaginable price of ₹4999!

Not sure how many days you will need? No issues, book a single day for just ₹999!

Wanna book for a week? Go ahead for just ₹1999.

100% Redeemable redeem entire payment against your bill of food and beverages

Fully Loaded

Imagine an office space with the kind of hospitality that is available at only top-notch restaurants.

Yessss, that's what you get at BAREWORKS.

Having an expected customer meeting or a team meeting, we can organize meals for large groups in a jiffy.

Break the monotony with a game of darts to get the creativity going again. Lounge as you work, listen to music or do your thing.

Go ahead and enjoy your work!